Welcome to the world of EduTech, a refereed e_Journal of Education and Technology, that figures in the approved list of UGC. EduTech is NOT a paid journal. EduTech publishes articles that promote educational dialogue, research, practice, and policy. EduTech strives to develop and deepen a sense of scholarship within our academic community. Articles addressing research, theory, current issues, and/or applied practice are appropriate for this journal.

From 2014 we have decided to initiate publishing/uploading and updating the issue of the journal from January of the year. Given the flexibility of our online format, we extend the privilege to add additional articles as at times special topics and current events warrant extra attention to timely educational issues.

EduTech encourages all authors, who pledge, maintain and exhibit Ethical academic protocols, to submit original educational research articles for publication consideration at any time. Media enhancements are welcomed. Once we formally review and accept an article for print, EduTech will publish the author's work after getting inputs from experts referee. We look forward to reading your submissions and congratulate our future published authors.

All of our published authors control the copyrights to their published articles in EduTech. Others who wish to reprint anything they see in this journal should contact the original author directly for permission. When referencing any published articles from this online journal, please credit EduTech as the original publisher and include the URL of the EduTech publication in your credits and citations. Permission to copy any article is provided to all, provided EduTech is credited and copies are not sold.

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